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"Andie has been a reader and more importantly a friend who supported me everytime I needed her advice most.

I have been facing a tough time especially on my career. I have decided to change career and to find my way of expression. A job that can suit my passion. After trying to apply various job advertisements with no luck , I started to be anxious and insecure of the stepping that I have decided to take. I started to feel lost.

I am so glad I have found Andie. She was the right person to speak with. She could understand my feelings and give me the right advices for realising the stress and believe more in myself. Her reading was amazing. I felt calmer and positive again to pursue my goal.

I had some difficulties time on my path but Andie was always there to cheer me up with her friendly manner and positive vibes. I feel better after speaking with Andie. She gave me always a reason to smile."


"Andie' session truly impacted me at a very deep level, it has been like an awakening that lightened straight into my soul which fired up lots that was cooking slowly inside of me for what if feels like a lifetime.

Her loving gentle way of being is beautiful, her  clear vision and guidance was spot on,  I related to every single word she said to me, I have been feeling  divinely elevated and more in touch with my true self and who I am, I feel much more confident to follow my future path now, it simply feels natural  and effortless after listening to  her guidance, her gift helped me to see through the clouds that separeted me from my inner sun, I now feel confident and ready, I am trasported by a blissful flow which is taking me where I am supposed to be in this life.

I  seriusly cannot thank her enough and my soul is erupting with gratitude and excitrment for my life :)"

Eleonora.  London.

"I am very grateful for Andie kind words and loving support. She was really warm and approachable.

The session gave me a lot of comfort and helped me to trust myself.

Sometimes I find it very difficult to find all answers in the 3D reality and her insight allowed me to understand and to process the meaning behind the situation I was facing.

As well I feel very encouraged to continue my own spiritual journey to grow into my full potential.

Thank you Andie."



Andie's reading came at a time when I was struggling to get clarity on a particular issue. Her guidance was very straightforward and concrete and has helped me greatly by steering me in the right direction


 There was no bluff, just pure guidance, and answers! On top of this, she was also kind and compassionate, understood what I was going through, and managed to give accurate answers to a complex situation.


Before consulting her, I had been trying to resolve an issue and no one was able to give me an answer. With her guidance, I managed to find the right people to help me and things seem to finally be on track! 


Andie has an incredible gift and is an extremely intuitive and caring psychic.


Not only was she able to give me personal insights into my own life but was able to describe the personalities of each of my children with incredible detail, offering guidance for each of their personal journeys ahead.

She delivers her messages with love and lightness.


I felt seen and heard and feel so grateful for the reassurance that I received from spirit.

Thank you Andie.

Hugs, Tania.


I’ve looked for a psychic with a real gift for a very long time, so when I finally met Andie I was almost moved to tears!


I was SO happy to finally find someone who was able to help me and guide me into my future.


Andie not only has a true gift but she also has a kind soul and really took the time to talk to me, which I really appreciated.


She is very sweet and funny and could see right through me, every single thing she said about me was extremely accurate! I still have shivers! Xx

Yasmin Mezran

The session with Andie was very refreshing and helped me to feel better.

She was very accurate and clairvoyant on the subject and helped me to find the right tools to heal via meditation exercises.

Olivia, France.

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Andie has a very warm, calm and down to earth approach to her sessions.  What particularly resonated with me personally, is her ability to help make sense of areas of life which are not quite making sense at the moment.

At the beginning of our session, Andie asked me what I was looking for out of the session, or what was the main question I wanted to be answered?  My answer to Andie was that ‘I was looking for more certainty.’

Andie was a great help in offering some guidance in the areas of my life which I feel needed more clarity and also with offering some really helpful grounding techniques.

I sometimes feel that in modern day life we are fed so many different messages from so many different angles and it’s not always easy to make sense of what is going on around us and what is helpful and what is not.   Andie quickly identified the negative messages I was receiving and quickly put the focus back on my positive attributes, my strengths and abilities.  Furthermore, she was scarily accurate about my personality traits, some of which I have only recently come to learn about myself after all these years.

I couldn’t recommend Andie more, she is very good at what she does and very attuned to her clients.


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