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How to Heal and Empower your life with Colour Therapy.

Andie Hudson Colour Therapist / Life Coach

Channel Five.

Living below your full potential?

Life Coach / Colour Therapist Andie Hudson will help you to develop the tools you need to take your life to the next level. Our sense of sight is our primary interaction with the world around us, but we take that process almost for granted.

We rarely stop to think what is happening when we see colour , what colour means to us and how it might effect us in many ways. When we see colour it is simply the brains way of recognizing the many different energy qualities of light.

Each colour creates changes in us at all levels , physically, emotionally and mentally. Different cultures over the centuries have given different attributes and meanings to colour, but at the biological level we all react in the same way.

Colour is not superficial or ephemeral. Colour shows us the energetic reality of our individual lives . Learning to recognize and use colour with awareness brings positive and powerful changes for us all.

• How colour effects your body. So illness both physical and on an emotional can start to heal with the correct use of colour around you .

• Use the colour combinations that will positively effect your body and your mental state.

• Use colour to enhance your character.

• You can find out your ruling colour vibration.

• Find the colours to dress for health.

• Bringing colour into your life with the foods you eat is one of the most powerful uses of colour as a healing tool.


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