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Crystals in the 21 Century.

Well what does the word Crystal mean ? The word Crystal is taken from the ancient Greek word Krystallos’ meaning the clear ice”. The Ancients also called it Holy Ice” believing that a crystal was frozen holy water spilled out from the Universe. Quartz Crystal was one of the first used today in electronic devises from computers and radios to lazer technology and of

remember the Quartz watches that became popular years ago. The Crystal Quartz in those watches were grown in laboratories in San Francisco as the mineral is PURE silicone dioxide and was easy to produce.

Nowadays the amazing magic of Crystals is harnessed by healers and complimentary therapists to calm and soothe and clear the Aura and Chakras of their clients. The Quartz Crystals you can see here are very powerful and one of the earths most common mineral

compounds. It is interesting that we human beings are born out of the womb of the earth as are Crystals and it is because of this fact that we can identify and

FEEL Crystals when they are near us.

If you have attracted a clear Quartz Crystal into your life this means that this stone in some way will facilitate your growth of awareness. To awakened minds they will work subliminally through the subconscious.

For those of us who are awakened Souls walking the earth plane crystals will be like beacons that will add more light and positive energy to be used in our lives. Quartz Crystals represent perfection as they are aligned and harmonized with the Cosmic force. They are similar to Pyramids as they channel high frequency energy onto the physical earth plane. Clear Quartz Crystals reflect pure white light that can be channeled into our daily thoughts, feelings words and actions. They stimulate the finer more subtle realms of our beings which can then be integrated and manifested into our lives to help us create the life we require for ourselves. Bringing clarity of thought and determination in all our lives..

What better friends could we have around us.. Those of us who want to develop our Psychic abilities can do so with the help of the pure white quartz Crystal and the wonderful purple Amethyst quartz I work with..

The energies help to connect to the spiritual realms and this is how I teach my Students at College to become Psychic !!! I will go into these methods and explain more in January. For this festive time of the year I want you all to sit with a clear Quartz and magnify your thoughts of Abundance and prosperity for you and your loved ones. The thoughts you put out to the Universe whilst holding a quartz will be amplified and bring back your desires as long as they are of good intentions.

For the Christmas table it’s a great idea to put small crystals into your Christmas crackers and of course give them as gifts at this time of the year. Crystals are easily available throughout the world these days with Crystal Shops popping up everywhere. When you choose a crystal for yourself use your intuition wave your hands over the sparking stones and you will be attracted to the right one. For others hold an image in your mind of the person you want to

buy for and this energy will attract the correct mineral

Next time I’ll unravel the energies of Amethyst and Obsidian and explain how you can use them in your everyday life.

Happy Christmas and New Year to you all And may the Crystal Rays touch your hearts to bring prosperity and love.


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