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Crystal Energies For Animals

Crystal Energies for Animals

There are some very simple crystal healing techniques that can be used to help your pet or animal friend to be more comfortable during times of stress or illness. Healing animals requires a very strong and centred mind. An animal’s mind is not like a human’s. Humans relate to pain. Animals react to pain. Any fear you carry inside you can also be sensed by an animal and amplified by the crystals. It is important to be balanced, centred, grounded, and have good intentions before you attempt these crystal healing techniques. Crystals tend to amplify the effects, and you will need to be cautious until you determine how your pet will react.

When you work on your pet, know when enough is enough. Watch for "tell-tail" signs: tail swishing, foot stamping, ears back, teeth-baring, hair- raising, attempts to flee, and other warning signals. Be prepared to slow down or to stop the healing altogether. Crystal healing can sometimes be too fast for the animal to integrate, or be too intense and may cause pain and other discomfort. As crystal energy promotes rapid healing, easing off may help alleviate the stress caused by a healing crisis. When the healing is good, the animal will show signs of comfort and affection, such as eye- lids drooping, teeth gnashing, drooling, general softening of muscle tissues, and sighing.

The following are some suggestions for using crystals for healing pets and animals. It is not intended that this information replace the advice of a professionally qualified veterinary. As always, seek the best available competent medical advice for your pet or animal.

Fifteen healing crystals for pets and animals

Crystal energies for animals

• AMETHYST - Master healer – used for everything. Pain, disorientation, head area

• BLACK ONYX - Bowels, parasites, protection

• CALCITE - Skeletal


• CLEAR QUARTZ - Master healer - effective for all conditions

• CORAL - kidneys, bladder

• FLUORITE - (blue) bones, (blue/green or clear) respiration, (green) blood purification or lymphs, (green/yellow) digestion

• GARNET - reproductive system

• HEMATITE - muscular system

• KYANITE - alignment of all chakras, tendons, or bones

• MALACHITE (**DO NOT PERMIT YOUR PET OR ANIMAL TO EAT THIS STONE!! Malachite has very high levels of copper and can lead to serious or fatal blood poisoning even if small amounts are swallowed. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.) - Used for heart problems, liver detoxification.

• ROSE QUARTZ - injuries, wounds, reduces stress

• SMOKEY QUARTZ - nervous system, swellings

• SODALITE - calming, nervousness, good for settling down during Travel

• SUGILITE - death and dying

• TURQUOISE - master healer – used for everything. Protection


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